Saturday, July 5, 2014

Romantic Venice - celebrating life

We boarded Trenitalia from Milan on our way to Venice. Seated across us were an old and frail looking Australian couple who were coming back after twenty years. That kind of set the standard on how romantic Venice can be. And we hadn't even gotten there yet!

The rest of it was a lesson on how to celebrate life. Think about a city that started sinking even before global warming set in. Venetians have not only learnt how to cope with it but actually serenade it as their unique way of life. And the whole world comes to join in this celebration everyday.

The city is so old that there are no historical records of its founding. And old it looks. Parts of it are almost falling apart while the rest of it is struggling to stay upright. But the older it gets, the dearer it becomes and looks all the prettier for it. Although we were visiting for the first time, we felt that we had known this city for a long long time. We would love to go back in another twenty years.

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