Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Hudson Theatre, New York - Magical Broadway

This iconic theatre was built by Henry B. Harris, a Broadway producer and opened in 1903. Harris died in 1912 when he sank with the Titanic during its ill fated voyage. It has survived 18 different owners since then including CBS and NBC and was twice almost demolished to make room for parking complexes but miraculously survived.

The Hudson Theatre has seen many momentous occasions during its more than hundred year history and even today seeps the rich heritage of New York's art and culture. The talk show format was invented here when in 1954 the original Tonight Show started with Steve Allen. Barbara Streisand started her career here and many other celebrities such as Elvis Presley have performed here.

My trip to New York could not have been completed without an evening spent at the Hudson Theatre and was the perfect way for me to time travel through New York's rich cultural history.

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