Sunday, February 2, 2014

Barcelona - sights and sounds

One of the ten most visited cities on earth, dating before Christ and a curious mixture of the ancient and the modern, Barcelona is unique. Oozing art, culture, history and signature architecture from every street corner and sporting a warm Mediterranean spirit, this city can leave you spell bound. Barcelona paints a canvass so wide that you can simultaneously experience Gaudi and Picasso as well as the street artists on la rambla. There is something in Barcelona for everyone, from people who savour culture through street music or food to those who practice a religion called football.

I still remember the opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympics when Antonio Rebollo shot a flaming arrow to light the Olympic cauldron, a brave thing to attempt but Barceloninas have always expressed themselves boldly. The statue of Columbus reminds us that after his first trip to the new world, he came to Barcelona to report to his king. And the statue shows Columbus pointing to the sea, urging his countrymen that their future lay out there. 

The rest was of course history as they went out to explore and conquer the world. But today, the world comes to Barcelona as if in a full circle in admiration of their exploits in art, culture and sport. 

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