Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jaisalmer - desert safari.

Jaisalmer was once a thriving desert kingdom in the middle of the great Indian desert. This fort city was an important stop over along the ancient trade route that stretched all the way from the middle east to the far east. But after India's independence and its subsequent partition, four wars and continuing tensions between the two nations have completely wiped out this ancient route. Jaisalmer now stands isolated on one end of the Indian part of the Thar desert. Its economy now depends almost entirely upon tourism and although the golden yellow facade of the ancient castle still shines in the scorching sun, its ramparts remind us of the better days it has seen in the past.

Although geopolitics has changed its economic character, the colorful costumes worn by the local people and their music still leave a strong impression on the mind. In its modern avatar, Jaisalmer offers the complete package for the Indian desert safari. The desert camps at Sam sand dunes and the camel rides are exactly as you would expect. An additional attraction is the nearby Desert National Park which is home to many species of resident and migratory birds, mammals and reptiles, some of which are endangered.

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